About DogTech

jack-russellTrainers and behaviourists everywhere say leadership is the key – but what is leadership, how do you attain it and more importantly, what does it mean to your dog?

At the core of the DogTech™ philosophy is the understanding that we, as the owners of the human brains, are able to learn how our dogs think and use that knowledge to influence behaviour in a positive manner.

The DogTech™ behaviour modification and training programs are based on positive motivation. We do not use aggression nor do we use bribery. When you understand your dog, you will understand that motivating him/her to act in a certain maner, rather than punishing him for not doing so, creates a mutually respectful relationship. With our training, your dog will want to please you and will enjoy doing so, she will not simply be acting to avoid punishment.

DogTech ™ specialzies in difficult issues such as separation anxiety, uncontrolled barking, aggression, marking, leash control and more.