Dog Destroys ChairWhen you’re facing tough dog issues, and your dog is not ready for a group setting or your schedule is tight, in-home training can be the most fast, effective and convenient option.We come to you and set-up an in-home program that addresses your specific concerns. Sessions are held 2 weeks apart and for the most part, require 2 sessions.

Correcting behaviour with the world-renowned Whisper Wise™ training program. Dogs are simple creatures who truly want to please but they don’t always know how. Many of their unwanted behaviours have been inadvertently rewarded or exacerbated through a lack of understanding of a gentle, effective way to get the behaviour you expect. Excess barking, hyperactivity, leash pulling, house soiling, chewing, digging and more are all manageable through proper behaviour training. Training that is based on understanding how to make a dog recognize what you want using the science of how dogs learn and communicate.

DogTech™ behaviour modification & training will avoid or correct serious issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity and more. The earlier problems are tackled, the easier they are to address and of course, starting out on the right ‘paw’ with a puppy is invaluable. It’s never too late though, even if your dog is in his senior years, DogTech™ behaviour training will build on your dog’s strengths and work through and around any weaknesses with a positive, motivational technique.

We come to you and work in your environment. Assessing each dog as an individual, evaluating the motivation, talents and limitations of your dog and then tailor a program that will maximize outcomes quickly. You will be set up for success with a system than reinforces positive, respectful canine behaviour.

The DogTech® in-home training program is a proven program that get results quickly providing the client is committed to the training and adheres to all aspects of the program. For the most part, it is a two session program however more ingrained behaviours can require up to four sessions. If satisfactory results are not achieved after four sessions, during which time the program has been followed as prescribed, up to four additional sessions will be conducted at no additional charge.*

*Guarantee provided to DogTech™ Canada clients. In cases of serious aggression the guarantee may not apply.