DogTech™ believes every dog wants to to live life without the stress of causing their humans to be angry and that we who love our furry friends can help them to do so by understanding how to relate to dogs in their ‘language’.

Dog TrainingAn expert in canine communication, DogTech™ founder, John Richardson, created the Whisper Wise™ training method used by DogTech™ consultants around the world. It is a  training philosophy based on understanding your dog and motivating him or her with positive tactics. No harsh methods are employed in the system that John personally developed over a lifetime of study and training.  The methods are so amazingly successful, DogTech™ has been featured in thousands of news stories and magazine articles worldwide.

Call on DogTech™ for any dog issues including problem barking, separation anxiety, excessive excitement, problem chewing, puppy biting, digging, dog aggression, leash pulling, jumping and more. We can help.

Whether you are correcting behaviour issues with a rescue dog from a shelter, want the right start with your new puppy, or need to work on basic obedience; whether your canine companion is a purebred or a wonderful mixed breed, with the the Whisper Wise™ training methods, DogTech™  will be your best friend (next to Fido of course).

Thousands of dogs and the people who love them will tell you, DogTech™ is fast, effective and affordable

Currently operating in Victoria, BC. Canada wide franchises are available.