training with dogsIt’s never too late to start and it’s always fun to continue. Group classes are a great way to learn to communicate with your dog and to teach proper dog manners. In a group setting your dog is able to learn to work with you in spite of distractions and can avoid developing, or learn to deal with. inter-dog aggression through proper socialization. If you have problems with your dog meeting other dogs on a lead, obedience classes are a great benefit, particularly combined with in-home behaviour modification. Expect great results with DogTech™.

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It’s Fast, Fun, Effective and Affordable

  • Classes held outdoors
  • Each session is 3 weeks long.
  • Classes are 60-75 minutes in length.
  • Classes are kept small to minimize distraction.
  • Join at any level. There are no prerequisite other than the dog’s age

No Harsh Methods

The unique Whisper Wise™ techniques provide a combination of obedience and psychological communication training using positive motivation and reward.

Level I Training Course
Three-week course suitable for dog’s age 20 weeks and older. Areas covered will include:

  • Socialization with other dogs.
  • Basic obedience: recall, sit, down, stay & more.
  • Maintain calm (become calmer) in a training environment
  • Walk on a loose lead
  • The use of voice and hand signals

By graduation you will have been exposed to effective methods of:

  • Reward based Whisper Wise® training.
  • Reading and responding appropriately to your dogs body language.
  • Avoiding common mistakes that can result in dog phobias, fears and aggression issues.
  • Ensuring your dog is confident in his position within your family.

On completion of your three-week course your team is eligible to receive a graduation Diploma certifying completion.

Diploma Course–Level II Obedience training Course Information

Dogs and Owners completing Level I Group Obedience training may be eligible to attend Level II Obedience classes. This three-week (one session per week) course will add an additional dimension to your dog’s training and presentation. Contact us to find out more about the intermediate level Group Dog Training Course and/or your current eligibility status.

Now available in Victoria, BC.