barking-dogIt can be so disappointing to live with a dog that you don’t always enjoy having around. One who is friendly to you but not to your guests, who barks incessantly, pulls constantly on the lead or soils in the house.

DogTech™ behaviour modification will address those issues and more. Even difficult problems such as separation anxiety, dog aggression, hyperactivity, and stress related eating disorders can be corrected with this program.

The program is effective for all dogs and it’s never too late to start, even if your dog is in his senior years. Whisper Wise™ training will build on your dog’s strengths and work around and through any weaknesses using positive, motivational techniques.

We come to you and work in your environment. Assessing each dog as an individual, evaluating their talents and limitations and tailoring a program that will maximize outcomes quickly. You will be set up for success with a system than reinforces positive, respectful canine behaviour.

For the most part, in-home behaviour modification requires 2 sessions however each situation is unique and extremely difficult behaviours can require up to 4 sessions.

The DogTech® in-home training program is a proven program that get results quickly providing the client is committed to the training and adheres to all aspects of the program. For the most part, it is a two session program however more ingrained behaviours can require up to four sessions. If satisfactory results are not acheived after four sessions, during which time the program has been followed as prescribed, up to four additional sessions will be conducted at no additional charge.*

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