puppy-photoGet started on the right paw. Raise a calm, confident, obedient and cooperative companion while avoiding common mistakes that accidentally reinforce inappropriate behaviour.

Bringing home a puppy is fun! No matter what size your dog will eventually be, the clumsy, cute puppy stage is adorable. It is also a time when you have a great opportunity. Your pup has been learning how to be a dog from his mom and how to react to other dogs from his siblings. Now is no time to stop the learning process for the little sponge!

DogTech™ in-home puppy set-up will help you take on the role of your pup’s new teacher. We will come to you and in just one session, design a program that fits your lifestyle and shows you how to set up boundaries, how to communicate gently and effectively and how to train basic commands.

Even more importantly, DogTech™ training will show you how to avoid inadvertently reinforcing unacceptable behaviour.

The first nights and days at home can be overwhelming, for your pup and for you. While you are trying to determine where he should sleep and where, what he should eat, how to house train and keep your house from being chewed, remember your pup is trying to determine who this new pack is, how he fits in and what the heck the strange new language you speak means.

Most of us only live with a puppy a few times in our lifetimes, especially if we are lucky and our dog lives a long life. Experienced dog owners can be as uncertain as first time owners when it comes to setting up for a new pup. At DogTech™, we believe you should start as you mean to go, with positive motivation and reward. As much as you can, ignore, distract or redirect from misbehaviour and reward good behaviour. Praise your puppy as though he just delivered you a basket of gold when he does something you like and be sure to socialize, socialize, and socialize – in a safe and effective manner.

For help, just call DogTech™ – we love puppies and conduct thousands of puppy classes and in-home set-ups around the world!