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Introduction by Lesley Sharon Cole

How many times ahve you heard a dog owner say, “My dog thinks it’s a person’. In our desire to personaify man’s best friend we make one very big mistake – our dog does not actually think it is one of us. In the canine mind it thinks we are part of his family. It sees us as members of the pack.

I was first introduced to this way of thinking while watching DogTech founder, John Richardson, on a television appears for Australia’s ‘A Current Affair’, early in 1999. I was amazed he tamed a barking, unruly dog with such gentleness and understanding, taking to it thoughout the segment only with whispers. His success in solving the problem so quickly had me convinced he must be physic with the ability to communicate with dogs just by using his mind!

This may not have been true, but nevertheless, he as the first person we called when our family was having behavioural problems with our gorgeous Doberman, Sapphie.

As she was approaching 18 months, the protective guard dog instinct in her became so strong we were having trouble with her when anyone came near the house. Eventually I ended up in tears when Sapphie nearly took a chunk out of my agent’s hand. She was also pulling us all around the neighbourhood when she was taking us for a walk.

He was booked of course, so we waited patiently for four weeks. On arriving, he had plenty of questions and warned us that his methods were rather unconventional…. he only needed to see Sapphie for five minutes to assess her emotional state and see how aggressive she was with a stranger in the house. I wanted to see the whispering. Then we were given our homework, starting off with a few of the techniques outlined in the book.

Needless to say, we followed through with the advice and to our amazement, her behaviour was improving. John gave us some simple solutions for when a courier or guest called in, which worked beautifully.

After two more visits, where we did see John work his magic, Sapphie was virtually a different dog. We could even take her for an enjoyable walk, this time with our obedient dog walking calmy, close to our side and with a slack lead.

In his book, the Dog Whisperer, John shows us how being aware of the fact that your dog thinks you are part of its pack, can help to understand why dogs behave as they do and why this rational froms the basis of his unique training method….

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