Register now for September classes through Oak Bay Recreation

photo-poochcampWhat could be more fun or productive than working out with your dog. You know that’s a partner who will always be motivated.

Getting your dog to pay attention to you is an important part of any training program and at Pooch Camp, drills are designed to foster engagement in a fun manner with ample opportunity for both of you to work on your cardiovascular endurance.

Pooch Camp also focuses on strength and reliability. You will build muscle while fostering a calm self-assurance in your dog, working toward a great relationship with a partner you can rely on.

Flexibility too is important and every session will include stretching for you and maybe even a little doggie yoga.

Classes are conducted by a personal trainer and dog trainer team.

Pooch Camp requires a one month commitment to working out twice per week. Owners need to a start with a reasonable level of control over their dogs in order to get the full benefits of the workout.

Classes are held at Beaver Lake and Topaz Parks.

Please send an email or call 250.818.4755 for more info.