Get started on the right paw. Raise a calm, confident, obedient, and cooperative companion while avoiding common mistakes that accidentally reinforce inappropriate behaviour.

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Please, start early, your puppy is primed and ready to learn. From the day you adopt him (after he has hopefully spent at least 8 weeks with his mom), the torch is passed to you.

Don’t be convinced that it’s too early to teach your puppy, they are like little sponges. From 8-20 weeks, they learn easily.

And they learn so fast so it’s easy to inadvertently reinforce inappropriate behaviour. Now is the time to get started on a positive relationship that will last a lifetime. And socialize, it is so important to socialize!

At Group Puppy Preschool you will socialize with your pup while learning basic commands and how to avoid common mistakes that accidentally teach your puppy bad behaviour.

  • Classes are suitable for puppies from 8-20 weeks
  • Courses run over 3 weeks with one 60-75 minute session per week

Topics covered include

  • The foundations of puppy obedience
  • Toilet training
  • Puppy safety
  • Proper method of introducing the collar and lead
  • Acceptance of handling by others in situations like Vet and Groomer visits
  • Acceptance of people near food bowls, bones, chews toys, etc.
  • Puppy health and nutrition

Socialization with other animals and in other environments
In addition to Puppy Preschool, DogTech™ offers in-home puppy set-up. We come to you and help to lay the foundation for a happy home by teaching simple steps to raising a calm, confident companion.

Please call 250.818.4755 or email for information on the next session.