man-and-shepherdWhen you’re facing tough dog issues, and your dog is not ready for a group setting or your schedule is tight, in-home training can be the most fast, effective and convenient option.We come to you and set-up an in-home program that addresses your specific concerns.


It’s never too late to start and it’s always fun to continue. Group classes are a great way to learn to communicate with your dog and to teach proper dog manners. In a group setting your dog is able to learn to work with you in spite of distractions and can avoid developing, or learn to deal with. inter-dog aggression through proper socialization. If you have problems with your dog meeting other dogs on a lead, consider joining a group class.

Classes sizes are limited to allow us to work individually and as a group and are available for:

  • Puppies from 10 weeks old
  • Adolescent dogs from 6 months old
  • Adult Dogs